Frequently Ask Questions

 The toxin is the chemicals used in the production of skin care and hair care products,
fragrances. Various studies show that Toxin has many side effects; Some toxin
is too dangerous that can lead you toward cancer or some major issues after
using them continuously.

 YES, some of the toxins you can find on labels and you can avoid them: 


Mineral oil 

Talc (May contain asbestos) 

Homosalate & Octinoxate (Found in


Fragrances (can contain phthalates) 

PEG (Poly Ethylene Glycols) 

Sodium Laureth Sulfate/SLES 


Reviwal Products are natural and organic and free from harmful chemicals and toxins like parabens, phthalates, fragrances, mineral oil, etc. On the other hand there are so many products are available in the market with above mentioned harmful chemicals harmful to skin and hair. Reviwal is the only brand using certified ingredients and making products without using harmful chemicals. we used natural ingredients which are free of all known toxins banned in most countries. we make our products with full love and care
for our valued customers. Once you try our products and you will fell in love with them.

 YES, Reviwal Products are totally free of toxins, dye and fragrance-free and also free from harmful chemicals, and we don’t use ingredients that are even closer to word unsafe.  

Yes, our allproducts are Paraben-Free but also free from Phthalates, PEG, DEA, Fragrances, Dyes. don't worry while using the products of Reviwal. we are using totally natural ingredients with zero chemicals. We used ingredients that are health-friendly and also eco-friendly.  

 We are chemical-free and provide natural products, Firstly we use natural ingredients that are chemical-free, and then we do the toxin test for assuring that we have chemicals free products.  

 No, Reviwal products are available online only. You need not to visit any store or no need to waste your precious time. Reviwal products are available at your doorstep.  

No, our products are not for animals and we have not tested any product on animals as there is a huge difference in Human and animals skin, hair, etc.

 There are fewer chances that you are not satisfied with our products but due to some reason if you are not fully satisfied with our products you can freely contact us through
the website, Whatsapp number, or through the Facebook page. We valued our customers and our support team is ready to guide you 24/7. we will refund 100% cash back to you. You can do full trust in us as our values are not to disrespect the customer.

 We make products for hair, skin, and body and also we prepare essential oil with latest
cold pressed technology.
Adult persons male and female can use our products.  

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